NyfaBooks is working to create healthy and well-functioning people who know themselves and have the ability to show respect for others. We achieve this by writing, drawing and telling stories about human lives and their development.


We want to be known for delivering valuable materials that support the development of children, adolescents and adults.


Everything that NyfaBooks creates in terms of publications, presentations etc. is based on academic theory and helps develop the physical, mental and social areas in a healthy manner. NyfaBooks does not steer away from taking on taboo subjects that are of importance for the development of healthy people.

In the next release from NyfaBooks you can learn more about children’s sexual, socio-sexual and gender development. The book is called:

THE REASON for making room for children’s sexual curiosity. About children’s sexual, socio-sexual and gender development.

The book is written by Frida Nøddebo Nyrup and it will be released medio/ultimo 2022 the publisher NyfaBooks.

Order the book in advance and get 30% off by sending an email through the contact form or by sending an email to kontakt@nyfabooks.dk. Write THE REASON in the subject line and write that you wish to pre-order the book. When the book comes out you will receive a notification through the publisher’s website. You will also receive a coupon code, that you can use when you order the book. This means that you only pay when the book is released and you apply the coupon code that you will get yourself.