Thanks to a lot of people

This book has been created as an extension of work with the mandatory educational module “Gender,
sexuality and diversity” at The Faculty of Education and Social Sciences at UCL University College, Denmark.
I would like to thank the administration at UCL University College for their support in making this children’s
book, and the research-based and peer-reviewed article (Nyrup, 2019), as well as the textbook: "THE
REASON for making room for children’s sexual curiosity (Nyrup, 2022), which form the theoretical
foundation for this book.
I also want to thank the students who have eagerly participated in discussions, helped collect data and
contacted institutions as well as generously made themselves available for interviews with very personal
questions about their sexuality.
Next, a big thanks to colleagues who have helped me along with scientific research, organizing data
collection, processing and analyzing data, legal assistance, and who have given me advice on theoretical
aspects and offered moral support in relation to a controversial topic.
In particular, my two work partners: Jakob Kramer and Carl Emil Bager should be mentioned. They are
always alert, stable and reliable and occasionally act as my extended brain.
I especially want to thank my life partner Jens and his children: Sidsel, Signe and Simon for listening
patiently, offering practical help and constructive suggestions for this children's book.
Finally, a special thanks to my daughter Amanda for continuous help with scientific research, repeated
adjustments of the anatomical illustrations, proofreading and last but not least moral support and
persistent constructive criticism.
Creating healthy and well-functioning children is easier to do than to remedy problems when they have
grown up.